For some time now, my partner and I have been toying with the idea of how we become better at living waste free.

I don’t expect this to be an easy change, and I also don’t expect it to be a change we can make within the next year, but it’s certainly something to attain to, and something we are going to enjoy in the process.

There are a few reasons that have contributed to us wanting to live this way. Firstly, the amount of food we throw out, on a weekly basis, from our fridge, makes me very upset with myself. We will go shopping at the beginning of the week planning out our meals as efficently as possible; but somehow there are always items that go unused. We didn’t get time to cook that steak on Wednesday as we were working late and got a takeaway instead. We bought all those carrots for our roast dinner but we only needed 5 of them, now the other 15 have gone mouldy. Looking at our bin every week before it gets collected is enough to make anyone rethink how they spend their money!

Secondly, all it takes is to visit to almost any beach these days, and you see the devastation. The plastic that washes up on shore makes you realise just how much must be floating out there, trapping our wonderful wildlife, killing our environment. Some plastics are actually toxic, they contain aphthalates and heavy metals. It isn’t biodegradable either, which makes me think of a future world a little like the Film ‘Walle’, where humanity has left the planet due to an overload of rubbish with nowhere for it go.

These are a few products I’ve started with to help us get going with our ‘zero waste’ lifestyle.

Firstly, we bought a kitchen composter. We didn’t have the biggest garden to be able to create a huge outdoor one, but thought that we could at least use our food waste and put it back into the planet. So we have a small composter in the kitchen, and then aim to use all of the remains in our garden this spring.

This one from Amazon I would highly recommend!

RED FACTOR Premium Stainless Steel Odourless Compost Bin for Kitchen Countertop – 5 Litre, Brilliant Steel (3 Free Spare Carbon Filters Included)

The second product, and probably our most used at the moment, is airtight containers. These have been a godsend to our usual issue with quickly rottinng food in our fridge! Using these seems to extend the life of our veg much longer than it used to.

Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set [6-Piece Set] – Pantry Durable Seal Pot – Cereal Storage Containers – for Dry Foods & Liquids – BPA Free

This is as far as we’ve got for 2020, although 10 days in I don’t think we’re doing too bad.

Can anyone recommend any products for the home that we can use to help us on our journey to zero waste? Please leave a comment with your suggestions!