The fires in Australia. The Amazon being destroyed. The oceans warming, melting snow and ice and rising water levels. There is so much evidence now that our earth is crumbling away before our very eyes, but it still feels like we have a long way to go to stop it.

Probably the most annoying thing about 2019, if we ignore Brexit of course, is that our now Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, chooses to ignore this very pressing issue.

During the election campaign, Boris declined the opportunity to join a Channel 4 debate to discuss the climate crisis. We thought the UK were smarter than this. We know that Donald Trump chooses to disbelieve the science behind the crisis. He continues to laugh in the face of science, because of a few cold days.

Or the controversial prime minister of Australia, and Leader of the Liberal Party, Scott Morrison. Back in 2017, he entered the Parliamentary chamber with a block of coal, taunting the opposition about its energy policies; “This is coal, don’t be afraid’.

The Conservatives backed the 2008 Climate Change Act, and have included a commitment to tackle net-zero emissions by 2050 in their recent manifesto. It seemed that we were past the party of denial, finally understanding the importance we have as a nation to help this planet.

January 2020 fire affecting Australia is considered the most devastating and deadly ever seen.

In Boris Johnson’s lack of want to actually discuss said topics, speaks volumes to how much will actually be done. Yes they can say ‘yes’ to Acts, they can say they believe the science, attend meetings and nod their head agreeing that this is a major worldwide crisis. It’s what some activists are now calling ‘new denialism’. The act of acknowledging global warming, agreeing that something must be done, and subsequently doing not one single thing at all.

I want to see them include actual change in their policies. Where are the targets to cut down on fossil fuel consumption? The Zero Carbon Homes policy, brought in by Gordon Brown in 2006, was put into place to reduce CO2 emissions from housing, which currently make up nearly a third of all the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. In 2016, this plan was scrapped “to reduce net regulations on housebuilders”. What a load of s**t.

It’s clear to me that those in power want very little to do with tackling the climate issue we are facing across the planet. Why? Money, of course. Fossil fuel industries bring them money. They keep the economy going strong. They keep the countries thriving. That is, of course, until a wildfire spreads across your country, destroying community after community, killing millions of our treasured wildlife, and changing the face of the earth as we know it. Yes, let’s do nothing.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the sea level has risen 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) in the last 100 years.

Only one thing for it really, it lies in us. It lies in the citizens. The humans on this planet. What can WE do to help change? How can we save our fellow creatures sharing this wonderful world with us?

This year, for me, is all about learning more. I want to learn, I want to expand my knowledge on what I can do. How can I reduce my carbon footprint? How can I contribute? I believe in humanity, I believe we can do this.

Together. We will save our planet.