It’s a brand new year, a brand new decade, time for a brand new approach to my daily ranting about the world. I often wondered how I could use my rantings about the state of this planet; the state of politics across the world; the state of humanity; and use them for good. Well, here’s my attempt.

I’ve been considering for some time how I can individually impact the likes of the climate crisis, how I can be more green and help the environment in my lifestyle choices. From a home life perspective, it has to start with our main consumption; energy. Energy to power all of our lighting, our appliances, our smartphones and our Amazon Echo’s. We’ve come so far in terms of technology, but we need to make sure our planet doesn’t suffer as a consequence.

Go For A Green Supplier

Switching energy suppliers has been a process I have followed for many years, but solely for cost purposes. The more I read up about renewable energy, the more I realise I’m willing to pay that little bit more if it means my money is being put back into saving our planet. An 100% renewable tariff with a supplier means it is completely carbon neutral.

How Do I Find a 100% Renewable Supplier?

There are a few suppliers I’d recommend and actually more out there now than most know about. The most known supplier, and the one I am currently with, is Bulb Energy. I couldn’t recommend them enough. They are, without question, the best supplier I have been a customer of in terms of service. The stats speaks for themselves, they have a 5 star rating on TrustPilot with over 25,000 reviews. They only offer one simple tariff; no confusion over pricing and it’s very honest that if prices go up, they will tell you, and you have no obligation to stay with them. I for one wish that more companies operated this way! To me, trust, reputation and purpose are far more important than anything else.

There are, of course, other suppliers who offer renewable energy, feel free to check out what they offer;

When it comes to choosing your new supplier, really do your research. Sadly it can’t be guaranteed that the energy that is supplied to your household from the National Grid is actually ‘green’, but you can be sure that the energy used will then go back into the Grid ‘green’ by your supplier.

What About ‘The Big 6’?

Yes, the ones we’ve all heard of, the ones that, until we become adults, kind of assume are the only ones that exist. Of course they have the biggest customer base, but this is mostly down to historic clients and brand awareness. That’s not to say The Big 6 aren’t looking at renewable energy, as plenty of them are now bringing in green tariffs.

British Gas say that “43% of our electricity from environmentally friendly sources”. EDF have an entire network of renewable energy sites across the UK, using wind power and battery storage technology. Scottish Power are hoping to become the first of the Big 6 to become 100% renewable. They have all but shut down their coal plants, and have 2,700MW of wind power capacity either in operation or under construction in the UK. Further projects in the pipeline have a capacity of more than 3,000MW.

There are plenty of options in the market now for renewable energy, so there are no excuses. The more people who sign up to these suppliers, or these tariffs, the closer we become as a nation to being a fully 100% renewable energy giant. You can only hope the rest of the world will follow.